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Requests for information or Court documents can be made at the Clerk's Office, or by phone at (202) 354-3280, or in writing (U.S. mail) to the Clerk's Office at 333 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20001.


No Requests for Legal Advice.  As explained in General Warning to All Parties Proceeding Without an Attorney, neither correspondence nor any other form of communication should be used to request legal advice from the clerk's office or from the Court.  

Do Not Use Letters to Take a Position or Assert a Claim in a Case or Proceeding.  Correspondence should not be used to assert a position or claim in a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding:

  • If you want to advise the Court of your position regarding a bankruptcy case or an adversary proceeding in the bankruptcy case, or seek an order from the Court, you should file a paper bearing the appropriate caption of the case or adversary proceeding and follow all applicable rules of procedure (see Resource Lists and Links), and any directives of the Court in the case or proceeding (see Review Case Files) regarding such a filing. (Copies of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, of Official Forms, of the Interim Bankruptcy Rules, and of the Local Bankruptcy Rules, may be examined at the Clerk’s Office or online through this Court’s website. Filings in a case or adversary proceeding, including notices and orders, may be examined at the Clerk's Office or for filings after October 5, 2003, via PACER.
  • If you want to assert a claim in a case, you should file that claim utilizing the appropriate proof of claim form, and follow any notice that was issued in the bankruptcy case regarding filing such a claim.
  • You cannot engage in ex parte communications with the judge (meaning only you communicating with the judge):
    •  You cannot contact the judge to have a conversation about the case.
    • When you file a paper seeking some form of relief from the judge, you must serve any person who might be adversely affected were the relief granted or who might otherwise be interested in the matter. 

Judges and employees of the Court do not have public e-mail, therefore, correspondence should be sent through the U.S. mail to:

U. S. District Court (or U.S. Bankruptcy Court) 
for the District of Columbia 
333 Constitution Ave., N.W. 
Washington, DC  20001