ECF Training



Attorneys who e-file bankruptcies in other jurisdictions and who have attended formal training with other bankruptcy courts should file an Attorney/Full-Rights User Registration Form and will be emailed training exercises to be completed in lieu of the required training modules with this court. Upon successful completion of the training exercises, attorneys will be emailed a login and password to access the bankruptcy court's CM/ECF system.

Experienced e-filers who wish to do refresher training may access the training modules set out below. 


Attorneys new to e-filing will be asked to complete an Attorney/Full-Rights User Registration Form, AS WELL AS an online training sequence in order to obtain a CM/ECF login for the bankruptcy court.

There are seven training modules that each attorney must complete. Attorneys can find these modules listed below in the order the Court recommends they be completed. Once an attorney has successfully completed a module, they will be given a unique completion code. Please take note of this code. Upon completing the entire training series, attorneys must submit a completed Code Sheet to the Court. Once this Code Sheet is received and verified, attorneys will be emailed a login and password to access the bankruptcy court's CM/ECF system.

If you are unable to complete the online training modules, please contact the CM/ECF Help Desk at 202-354-3281, or Michael Wint at 202-354-3188.


1.  Open a Bankruptcy Case

2.  Open an Adversary Proceeding

3.  File a Motion for Relief From Stay

4.  File an Application for Compensation

5.  File a Notice of Opportunity to Object

6.  File a Notice of Hearing

7.  Upload a Proposed Order

8.  Training Completion Code Sheet


Additional Resources 


*PLEASE BE ADVISED:  These tutorials are meant to provide a general overview of the CM/ECF application, not to replace formal training.