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Top Ten Reasons for Deficiencies

  1. Filing Fee Not Paid

  2. Proposed Order Not Included (in electronic cases: it was neither attached nor uploaded)

  3. Proposed Order Improperly Formatted (i.e. does not include four inches of blank space at the top of the first page)

  4. Amended Schedules Filed without either a LBR 1007-2(b) Statement or an LBR 1009-2(e) Certificate.

  5. Specific to Electronically Filed Cases: The debtor/case information on the docket does not match the information on the petition pdf

  6. Financial management certificates filed without Official Form 423

  7. Outdated forms used to file matters

  8. The credit counseling certificate was not included with the petition

  9. Missing signatures/declaration pages

  10. A Notice of Opportunity to Object was not filed