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Upload a Proposed Order

This section demonstrates the steps necessary to upload a proposed order in the CM/ECF System.

For a detailed step by step process, begin with the Upload a Proposed Order Training Module and then view Steps 1 - 8 of this manual.

STEP 1: Click on the ‘Bankruptcy’ link at the top of the CM/ECF menu bar.

STEP 2: The ‘Bankruptcy Events’ menu displays, click on ‘Order Upload.’ You will then be given two options: ‘Single Order Upload’ or ‘Batch Order Upload.’ Click on ‘Single Order Upload.’

STEP 3: The Case Number Screen will appear, click in the text box and type the appropriate case number. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

STEP 4: 
You will be asked to enter the 'The related document number.'  If you know the document number, enter it in the text box and proceed to STEP 6. If not, click 'Next' and proceed to STEP 5.

STEP 5: 
1. The Select Category Screen will appear, select the appropriate category of the document the proposed order is related to from the menu by clicking on it.  

2.  If you are not sure of the category, select all of the options. The number of documents to select can be narrowed down by selecting a date range in the 'Filed' and 'To' boxes or entering a range of document numbers in the 'Document' and 'To' boxes. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

3.  On the next screen, select the appropriate event from the checklist by clicking with the appropriate checkbox on the left-hand side.

STEP 6: Order Information Screen
1. Order Type: Scroll through the drop down menu to reveal the available options. Select the type of order you are uploading with the correct objection period by clicking on it.

2. Hearing date:  If there is a hearing date, click on the hearing date text box and type in the date or click on the calendar to select the hearing date. Enter the time of the hearing in the next text box and click the ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ hearing time radio button, as appropriate.

3. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

STEP 7: PDF Upload Screen 
1. On this screen, you will be uploading your proposed order to the CM/ECF database.

  • CM/ECF only accepts documents saved as PDFs. For information on   converting word or word perfect files to PDF, visit Technical Tips.
  • CM/ECF can support up to 5 MB per file.

2.  Click 'Browse' to open the browse pop-up window.

3. Find your document in the browsing pop-up window. 

4. Click on the document to select it.

5. Click ‘Open’ to select the document.

6. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

NOTE: The DC Bankruptcy Court requires a 4 inch top margin (page 1 only) on all proposed orders. The Judge’s signature is electronically placed in this space.

STEP 8: You will see a confirmation of the order being successfully uploaded.  The page will contain the date, time, related document, type of order and any hearing information that was entered.