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Uploading a Creditor Matrix

This section demonstrates the steps necessary to Upload a Creditor Matrix in CM/ECF.

STEP 1: Click on the ‘Bankruptcy’ link at the top of the CM/ECF menu bar.

STEP 2: When the ‘Bankruptcy Events’ menu displays, click on ‘Creditor Maintenance.

STEP 3: Creditor Maintenance.

You will now be presented with two options: ‘Upload a Creditor Matrix File’ and ‘Edit Creditors.’ Click on ‘Upload a Creditor Matrix File.’

STEP 4: Case Number Screen

Enter the case number for the case to which the matrix is related.

STEP 5: The Load Creditor Information Screen

Click in the available text box and type the name of your document.

Click ‘Next' to Continue. You will now be prompted to browse for your document.

NOTE: CM/ECF only accepts text files for matrices. In order to successfully upload your matrix, it must be a text (.txt) file. For information and/or assistance on converting documents to .txt files, please visit Technical Tips

Click ‘Browse’ to open the browse pop-up window.

Find your matrix in the browsing pop-up window.

Click on the matrix to select it.

Click ‘Open’ to select the matrix.

STEP 6: The Total Creditors Entered Screen: On this screen, you will be able to view the total number of creditors CM/ECF found from your matrix. Click ‘Submit’ to complete your transaction.