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Drop Box

The drop box is located at 333 Constitution Avenue just inside the 3rd Street entrance to the U.S. Courthouse. The drop box is located to your right after you pass through security. Please stamp the back of your documents "received" with the current date and time using the automated stamping device installed to the side of the drop box. Secure the documents you are filing in an envelope or with rubber bands before depositing them. Filing instructions are posted at the drop box and the U.S. Marshals on duty can provide general assistance.

Documents deposited in the drop box after-hours will be collected once a day, Monday through Friday, and filed as of the date stamped on the back. Documents deposited without the date and time stamp will be filed at the time they are collected by the deputy. If an emergency matter regarding a scheduled hearing is filed, you must notify the courtroom deputy at (202) 354-3106. For all other emergency filings, you must notify the case administrator handling the last digit of your case number.